Welcome to the cancerous Astra Cops WikiEdit

Just characters from a stupid My Hero Academia reader insert fanfiction on Quotev

(This wiki is a joke), don't take it too seriously k?)

Here is the terrible fanfic

If you want to look at a wiki that is actually worth your time, check out the Re:Stage wiki

Other than that welcome the cancerous world of my OCs.

What are Astra Cops?Edit

Astra Cops are 9 people who posses magic and fight against evil creatures known as Vortexes. And they also come across ridiculously stupid situations at times.

There are 9 members

(Y/n) (L/n)

Nemurin White

Steven Dola

Felix Hiiragi

Fione Hiiragi

Flora Hiiragi

Megumi "Brittney" Miyazawa

Jeef the Noot Noot

Piko the Noo Noo

Latest activityEdit

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