Jeef the Noot Noot, also called Jeef, is basically a mascot for the Astra Cops.

He is the Only Noot Noot in existence. Jeef used to be a regular animal before touching a magical stone. Because of touching the stone, he transformed into what he is now and doesn't remember what his life was before gaining his current form.

Jeef does not like to be mistaken for a rabbit. He will correct people that he is a Noot Noot if they call him a different animal.

Personality Edit

Jeef can easily be described as a jerk. His attitude is always grumpy and he swears. If someone makes him real mad, he'll probably get violent. But luckily, a single Kool-Aid packet will always calm him down.

Jeef tends to stay around (Y/N), nd will occasionally prevent her from doing something stupid.

Relationships Edit

(Y/N) (L/N) - Jeef calls (Y/n) an Idiot most of the time and finds her stupidity to be annoying at times. Even though he may find her as annoying, he still cares enough to be with her most of the time

Izuku Midoriya - Jeef has a strong distaste for him and wants him to leave him and (Y/n) alone. He will try to beat him up if he bothers him and he sometimes refers to Izuku as "Cabbage Cunt"

Trivia Edit

  • Jeef's favorite food and drink are McDonalds Fries and Kool-Aid packets
  • "Noot Noot" is a made up species name made by (Y/n)
  • He likes Magical Girl Raising Project
  • If he walks around Walmart alone, he gets lost in the shoe aisle